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Why should I wash my vehicle at 3 Minute Express Car Wash?2021-02-23T06:21:12+00:00

We have taken over 70 years of experience from equipment manufacturers and car washes around the country to learn the best practices and processes in our industry. Our owners and managers also graduated from Car Wash College in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (yes, there really is a car wash college). We pride ourselves on being among the best-trained car wash experts in our industry. Attention to detail is given to every aspect of our car wash, using the best of everything on the market, from wash equipment to the vehicle care products sold in the vending machine. Our soaps and waxes are developed exclusively for 3 Minute Express Car Wash to ensure the highest quality wash results possible. Our car wash has strict guidelines on equipment maintenance in order to keep working at its absolute best for our customers. Bottom line:  we are serious about car washing, and we believe we are the best at what we do.

When I wash my vehicle at home, why does the finish look dull?2021-02-23T06:20:54+00:00

The University of Texas completed a study showing that a single home wash can leave scratches in your vehicle’s finish as deep as 1/10th of the paint’s total thickness. Hand washing, especially with chemicals that are not designed for auto paint like dish soap, can damage your finish. Moreover, uneven pressure from hand washing can place up to 100 pounds of pressure on your vehicle. That’s far too rough on car paint! It gets worse. Using improperly cleaned towels with accumulated dirt from other parts of your vehicle will scratch your paint. Finally, the average garden hose does not supply enough water pressure with the detergent action to avoid damaging a vehicle’s finish.

So how do I avoid oxidation?2021-02-23T06:20:35+00:00

The best way to beat oxidation is to always wash your vehicle at a professional car wash. We are not saying this just because we own a car wash! Your vehicle really does need a regular coating of wax or clear coat protectant to create an impermeable barrier film above your paint. Now here’s the good news:  our exclusive Desert Shield Wash is designed to do exactly that. With its advanced Diamond Glow wax and auto paint Sun Block, the Desert Shield has proven to be absolutely the best wash in Arizona for your vehicle.

Why do I need to wash my vehicle after it rains?2021-02-23T06:20:15+00:00

This is actually a critical time to protect your vehicle’s paint finish. Pollutants such as sulfuric and nitric acids from automobile, truck and factory exhausts become trapped in the raindrops that settle on your vehicle. The sun will evaporate the water and leave behind concentrated pollutants and acids that will damage your paint. Save the long-term quality of your finish and get this stuff washed off as soon as possible.

How often should I wash my vehicle?2021-02-23T06:19:58+00:00

Wash it when it’s dirty. If you drive your vehicle every day, we recommend that you wash it at least once a week. Washing weekly ensures that the paint surface is being properly cared for. If you go for too long without washing your vehicle, you may have allowed irreparable damage from bird droppings, bugs, dust micro scratches and acid rain. For many people, a car is the second largest investment they make after their home. It makes a lot of sense to protect your investment now, and especially when it comes time to trade in or sell your vehicle.

What can I do to remove bugs, tar and tree sap?2021-02-23T06:19:26+00:00

Bugs, tar and tree sap are your vehicle’s worst enemies. They assault your paint day and night and stick like glue. All of these must be removed gently and quickly or they will damage your paint. The scary thing is that some bug guts will actually eat into your paint. Tree sap and tar are no better. They harden like concrete and damage the finish too. Tar and certain oils used on roads require strong solvents to remove. 3 Minute Express Car Wash does not use solvents in our wash process. We do however offer bug prep barrels and brushes in our vacuum area where you can wet down bugs and soften them up before going into the wash tunnel. We also spray on special Bug Prep solution at the wash entrance for customers who purchase the top two wash packages, the Manager’s Special and Desert Shield.

Do magnets damage my vehicle’s paint and finish?2021-02-23T06:19:09+00:00

Cardinals fans and soccer mom’s can breathe a sigh of relief. Car magnets will not harm your vehicle’s finish. But here’s a tip:  be sure to remove magnets before washing at 3 Minute Express Car Wash, then be sure your vehicle is dry before replacing the magnet. It’s best to occasionally relocate the magnet to a slightly different spot too, just to make sure the sun isn’t fading your paint around the magnet.

Why does my windshield smear when I run my wipers?2021-02-23T06:18:54+00:00

Ah yes, the age-old question. Road film deposits that become trapped under the wipers cause streaks that appear on your windshield. After your vehicle has been washed and the glass is clean, the next time you use the wipers, all of that residue underneath the blade rubber gets streaked across your clean windshield. Here’s a quick fix:  dip a paper towel in white vinegar or window cleaner and run it across the wiper blades. No more streaks! Also, it’s a good idea to replace wiper blades at the first sign of wear. Most manufacturers recommend installing new wiper blades ever three to six months.

Your employees are always smiling and seem so happy. What’s the secret?2021-02-23T06:18:34+00:00

No secret, just fun company culture. Our company values are “Fun Loving Attitude and Servant’s Heart”. These values are part of our company culture and everything we do. We believe that if we take care of our employees, they will in turn take care of you, our customers. We live the Golden Rule and do our best to show respect and love for every person we meet. Have you read the saying on our dash wipe package? It says, “This will change your life for the rest of the day.” We know that we’re not just washing cars. It’s also our purpose to make people smile, and one little smile really can change a life.

Is it better for the environment to wash my vehicle at home or at your car wash?2021-02-23T06:21:03+00:00

When you wash your vehicle at home it can be damaging to the environment and you will probably use too much water. All of the soaps, cleaners, road grime and oil all filter into the ground and run into the storm drain system. This pollution then flows directly into our water supply. On the other hand, 3 Minute Express Car Wash filters and treats the water used to wash your vehicle before it is sent to the city’s sanitary sewer system. We keep any oils and sludge in collection tanks that are periodically pumped out by a truck and taken to an appropriate waste facility. This is a large investment on our part that shows our sincere commitment to environmental protection.

What is oxidation?2021-02-23T06:20:44+00:00

Oxidation is the “damaging” and “drying out” of your vehicle’s paint caused by the sun and atmosphere. This is usually most noticeable on red cars. When the paint pigment dries out it starts to fade or have a dull look. Oxidation happens when your paint’s protective layer is neglected and wears away, allowing the fragile color underneath to be damaged by the environment. This problem is especially serious in Arizona. We’ve all seen sun baked car hoods and roofs in the desert. The good news is that this problem can be avoided.

Should I wash my vehicle before or after it rains?2021-02-23T06:20:25+00:00

You should wash your vehicle when it is dirty, regardless of whether it’s before or after a rain. We know what you’re thinking, “yeah right, they’re just saying this because they’re a car wash”. Nope, this is a fact based on real science and years of experience among auto dealerships that need to keep their inventory looking perfect while parked outside. When your car is dirty, the surface holds all sorts of dirt particles, contaminants and road grime. Now just add water and you end up with cement. New paint problems are born when water-soluble solids mix with rain. So rain will not clean these particles off of your vehicle. It just mixes with the goo that ruins your paint finish.

What is “acid rain” and how does it hurt my vehicle?2021-02-23T06:20:08+00:00

When rain falls it captures environmental pollutants from combustion exhaust. This causes the water to have a low pH (acidic). The sun heats and evaporates the water but leaves behind concentrated acid spots that cannot be removed. Prevention is key. Keep a good coat of wax on your paint and wash your vehicle at a professional car wash after it rains. 3 Minute Express Car Wash offers very high end Diamond Glow wax and Arizona’s only vehicle Sun Block in our exclusive Desert Shield wash package. This is the best value in Arizona for taking care of your paint!

But won’t frequent washing ruin the finish on my vehicle?2021-02-23T06:19:34+00:00

Most vehicle manuals suggest frequent professional car washing because clear coat treatments and wax protectants save your vehicle from the damaging effects of weather and the sun’s UV rays. Frequent washing is actually proven to be good for your vehicle.

When should I remove the bug residue and bird droppings from my vehicle?2021-02-23T06:19:18+00:00

As soon as possible! Bug guts and bird droppings contain acid that will eat into your vehicle’s finish if not removed quickly. Get this junk off of your paint, the sooner the better.

Is it true that my new vehicle should not be washed for a certain period of time?2021-02-23T06:19:00+00:00

This is no longer true with today’s modern vehicle finishes. Your vehicle’s paint needs your tender loving care immediately. You may start washing your car at 3 Minute Express Car Wash as soon as you drive it off the dealer’s lot. In fact, your car may have already been washed here even before you bought it. We offer fleet wash plans for car dealerships that also know the importance of protecting a new car’s finish.

Will the wax from the car wash streak the outside of my windows?2021-02-23T06:18:46+00:00

No. Dirty wiper blades streak windshields. Our specially formulated wax adheres to vehicle paint, but rinses completely off of glass.

Is 3 Minute Express Car Wash the best car wash in the country?2021-02-23T06:18:23+00:00

No, in the world.

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