Advantages of our Fleet Program

We offer discounted and customized fleet programs for business and government vehicle fleets. We know how important it is to keep your vehicles clean and presentable every day.

3 minute express car wash fleet

Fleet Program Method:

RFID Tag for Fleet Vehicles

  • One monthly invoice which includes information to track each washed vehicle, time stamping it with a date and time that cannot be changed.

  • RFID Tags are tamper proof and are rendered inoperable if removed from the vehicles.

  • One tag number per vehicle. Vehicle make, model and license plate can be entered into the system.

  • The RFID Tag is read at our automated pay station before purchasing or selecting services.

  • As the Fleet Manager, you have the ability to set up your account to allow only the purchase of a specific wash and/or services.

Customized Solutions

Our customized account controls allow any combination of wash services. A system time stamp tracks vehicle wash date, time and menu selections. The system allows us to modify and limit the menu options for your fleet based on your management decisions.

Control Unauthorized Purchases

Our tamperproof RFID tags are attached to the vehicle’s windshield. The RFID tag discourages fleet program abuse because all wash activity is recorded and included on your reports.

Time Saving

No more collection, recording and reconciling wash receipts. We have a comprehensive Fleet Report to track everything for you.

Cost Saving

All fleet customers receive competitive discounts. You will see that the savings add up quickly!

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