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Purchase an Unlimited Wash Club today!

50% Off Your First 2 Months!

Talk To A Customer Sales Associate At Your Nearest Location!

Wash as often as you like!

  • Pay just one low price

  • Easy monthly credit card billing
  • Simple and affordable

  • FASTPass reader lets you in fast

  • Purchase at pay station, online or inside

  • Fill out the form we give you

  • All done. That was easy!

3 minute express car wash triple foam


How does this work?2022-01-12T22:16:34+00:00

An Unlimited VIP Club membership makes it fast and easy to always have a clean and shiny car. In each month, the membership is renewed, the VIP Club provides truly unlimited car washes.

No more worrying about the weather. Just wash your dirty vehicle and if it rains, come back again to clean it up for free. And do it again the next day if you want. Just pay once a month and get unlimited car washes for an unbelievably low price.

How will I get through the pay stations?

A small RFID* tag will be affixed to uniquely identify your vehicle. Each time you return, you will be automatically recognized by our system, allowing you to zip through the pay station and quickly enjoy another wash. Everybody else will be looking at you and thinking “I wish I was cool like that.”

*RFID = Radio Frequency Identification

Can I really wash my car every day?2021-02-23T06:21:38+00:00


You’re selling a month of washes for the same price as a single wash at other car washes!2022-01-12T21:47:56+00:00

We’re glad you noticed. Join us for unlimited washes.

Are you guys nuts?2022-01-12T21:53:18+00:00

Um, yes we are. Check out our prices and find out.

How can I cancel or suspend my wash club membership?2022-07-15T19:58:49+00:00

Although we’re sad to see you go, the process is super easy! Please call one of our locations or fill out the cancellation request.

Please allow us a 3-day notice before your billing cycle date.

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